Remembrances of Iain McKenzie

Died 28 September 2018 

Iain was a key member of the IESIS Energy Strategy Group.  Here are some remembrances from members of the Group.

David Watson

Iain and I first met when he joined the Electrical Dept at Foster Wheeler in the ‘70’s. I always maintained that I never required to do a Masters as I had the privilege of sitting in the desk adjacent to Iain for four years at Foster Wheeler.

Without doubt Iain was one of the UK’s finest power systems Engineers being in complete command of his subject whether it was a power station in Kenya that ran on corn cobs, commissioning the Shell Sarnia refinery 120kV network in Canada or single handedly doing all of the system protection calculations and settings for the huge Sullom Voe oil terminal in Shetland.    We remained in contact over the years and he readily accepted my encouragement to join the Energy Strategy Group a few years ago. Throughout our friendship we had great fun, Iain possessing a great sense of humour.

Great days sadly gone.

Iain MacLeod

In 2008 Iain watched a BBC Newsnight interview in which I said that what was done about electricity by the government needed to be engineered.  He contacted his power systems friend Colin Gibson to say that we were talking their language and that it would be worthwhile to support what we were doing.   Both he and Colin immediately joined IESIS and the IESIS Energy Strategy Group.  It is hard to overstate the importance of the contribution that Iain made to the work of the Group.  He, and Colin, provided the high level technical expertise that we so badly needed – that has been essential to our endeavours.

He was very good at ferreting out historical and current information and at presenting summaries of that for us.  Always forthright but not aggressive in his opinions; always ready with a story to illustrate his points.  His company and his expertise will indeed be greatly missed.

Robert Hollingdale

That is very sad news and thank you so much for passing it on. I didn't know Iain other than through the ESG, but I came to respect enormously his vast knowledge and his ability to pass it on to a mere amateur like myself.

Please be kind enough to pass on my sincere condolences to his family.  A big loss to us all. I will miss him.

Ieuan Isaac

So sorry to hear of Iain's death. Please convey my deepest sympathy and condolences to Iain’s family at this sad time. Iain will be sadly missed by us all, and will be long remembered. His advice and contributions at our Energy Group Meetings were inspiring, and I for one, learnt much from listening to him. I also had the pleasure of meeting up with Iain on the occasion when both our grand-children were playing in the ‘schools’ orchestra at the Glasgow Concert Hall.  

Our thoughts are with Iain’s family and friends.

Bryan Little

How terribly sad that Iain died. I didn't know him very well but all of our meetings together through IESIS left me with the impression of a very intelligent and kind man, one to be respected. He will be greatly missed.